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Boca Grande Fishing Guides Association, inc.

The Boca Grande Fishing Guides Association, Inc. was founded in 1988.


  Today the voting members who are professional guides specializing in various types of fishing, with Tarpon being the most common bond for almost every member during the world famous Boca Grande Tarpon season that exists from April through August. 


  As most know, Boca Grande is known internationally for being the Tarpon Capital of the World. Our clients come from all walks of life and many places, both in the United States and from foreign countries. Also, our area has some of the finest shallow water inshore fishing and offshore fishing to be found.


  We are proud of our great natural resource. One of the foremost goals of the BGFGA is to preserve this fishery and see that it is protected and productive for future generations... future generations of guides, clients and enthusiasts.


  Our Association is very vocal regarding pertinent issues relative to the conservation of the fantastic Boca Grande fishing resource. The membership is focused on the actions of both state and federal regulators that may or may not be in the best interest of our fishery. Our presence is well known by decision making governmental bodies and we are not bashful in standing up for sensible resource management and/or challenging those decisions that are not sensible. Boca Grande needs prudent fishing and boat operation guidelines more so now than ever in the past.


  The Boca Grande Fishing Guides Assoc., Inc. welcome enthusiasts to our area. We wish you a great time filled with fond memories. We ask that you leave our paradise as you found it. A strict attention to following marine protection regulations and bag limits is expected. In addition, we ask that common sense conduct be the rule regarding boat operation, proper disposal of your trash, local ordinances, etc.


  For your enjoyment, the BGFGA has expert professional guides that can add great fishing memories to your Boca Grande visit. Our members are experts in their field and hold all necessary regulatory licenses. We are proud of our ability to give you and your family the best in fishing. Take The time to call one or our knowledgeable members and make the most of your Boca Grande vacation.

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